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April 29th 2013 - Judo Competition Results

Firstly a big well done to all those juniors that turned up and took part in the competition on the 21st, a great effort was made by all players and we hope all had a good time. Secondly a big thank you to those that helped make the day possible, the support was appreciated in making this a fun day for all.

The results are available HERE for all of those that took part.

April 21st 2013 - Shudan Dojo Junior Judo Competition

For those juniors that meet the criteria below there is a competition on the 21st April.
Please contact Sensei Eddie if you are interested.

Orange belt and below.
Aged 8 -16 years.
Hold a current valid BJA license.


April 7th 2013 - Junior Judo Grading

For those students selected by their sensei there will be a grading on the 7th April, time to be confirmed.


February 17th 2013 - Littleport Mini Age Bands Competition Results

Well done to all the juniors that took part in the competition at Littleport on the 17th February.

Silver Medal winners were Megan Price, Lily Dann and Craig Dobson.
Bronze Medal winners were Amy Davies, Benjamin Streeton and James Harding.


February 22nd 2009 - Shudan Judo Club Technical Grading

Three students attended the technical grading at Shudan Judo Club on Sunday February 22nd 2009, and all were successful in earning their next grade. Our congratulations go to David for gaining his 1st kyu, Andrea for gaining her 3rd kyu, and Conor for gaining his 6th.


February 8th 2009 - Midland Area Dan Grading

Congratulations to both Amy and Damien for picking up 10 points towards their 2nd Dans today at the Midland Area grading, at Walsall. Well done to you both.


December 2008 - Shudan Judo Club Awards 2008

The Spirit of Judo can easily be defined as the most efficient use of one�s energy and co-operation, known as Seiryoku and Jitakyouei respectively. It is therefore a great honour for our club to honour those who have demonstrated above and beyond the true Spirit of Judo.


For the year 2008 this award was handed out to Amy Ellis Thompson, Wendy Sadler and Steve Davies for their continued help and contribution on the junior class. The Spirit of Judo was also handed out to junior players Harry and Jay and it is an award that you can both be incredibly proud of.


The Best Girl award went to Taeler with the Best Boy award going to Ian for continued improvement in their judo.


And finally, the club are extremely proud to present the Best Overall Player for 2008 to Charlie.


Well done to all of you and may your success in judo be continuous and joyous.


August 10th 2008 - Shudan Judo Club's First Technical Grading

It began with the nervous twittering of belts as the seniors prepared to grade first in our   theory grading. Anxious glances were exchanged as these top athletes, Steve, David, Chris and Andrea prepared themselves. You could cut the tension with a  knife as they lined up � ready for whatever the coaches were going to throw their way. And suddenly, the grading had begun with a physical test which would be worthy of the SAS (in my opinion anyway � but then I was watching casually from the side whilst shouting � �come on guys � you can do it!� � whilst smugly knowing I didn�t have to!). Yes, there was sweat flying everywhere - and of course the odd toe. But in the end success was theirs as Andrea graded to 4th kyu and Steve, David and Chris graded to 1st kyu.

Next we had an influx of juniors as they prepared for their grading. And all the hard work that they and their coaches had put in over the last few weeks paid off as one by one they all sailed through their grading without hesitation. It was an excellent effort by all of them and the support that they gave each other as they went up to grade, either as uke or as a calming influence was a pleasure to see. We were all very proud of our sixteen juniors who all walked out a shade taller, a bit prouder, and a grade higher.


February 10th 2008 - Midland Area Judo Kyu And Dan Grading

Congratulations to Chris Clarkson for achieving his 1st Dan this weekend; we are all very proud of you. Chris attended the grading and earned the last few points he needed to take him to his black belt.

With him were Amy, Wendy, David, Kerry, Ellie and Steve who all fought really well. For Steve and Ellie it was their first competitive grading, and both came away with their 8th kyu (bottom orange); Steve impressing everybody with his drop seionage.

Wendy also fought hard, and graded from 7th kyu to 6th kyu (top orange to bottom green).

Well done everyone!


August 22nd 2007

Well done to Rachel on her first grading, achieving her 9th kyu!


July 21st 2007 - National Judo Promotion Examination

Congratulations to Amy, Ryan and Chris who all attended the National Judo Promotion Examination at High Wycombe. Ryan graded up to his 1st kyu from 2nd kyu, and Chris graded up to 5th Kyu from 8th kyu.


July 15th 2007 - The Goole Senior & Youth Open Judo Championships

Well done to Amy who attended the competition at Goole Judo Club.


July 8th 2007 - Midland Area Judo Kyu And Dan Grading

Five judoka from SWJC attended the Midland Area Judo Grading at Walsall on Sunday July 8th 2008, and all came away successful.First to fight was Amy, who earned ten more points towards her black belt, as did Chris C.

Keith S, lost two fights, but won his third, impressing the table judges enough with his Tai-otoshi to move from 5th kyu (top green) to 3rd kyu (top blue).

Chris B won his first fight with Tai-otoshi, but then got held down in his second by a player 17kg heavier than himself. He was wazari up in his third fight, until he got held down by an experienced Brazilian Ju Jitsu player. Not bad for your first competative grading Chris, Well done! Chris went 9th kyu (yellow belt) to 8th Kyu (bottom orange).

David C. lost his first three fights, but then ended his fourth with a beautiful drop seionage, which earned him a standing ovation from the crowd, and moved him from 9th kyu to 8th kyu. Again, a good result for his first competitive grading!


June 9th 2007 - Bedford Judo Club Kyu & Dan Grading

Well done to Amy, Kev and Ryan for attending the grading today at Bedford Judo Club.

Kev was up first. It was his first competitive grading and he lost his first fight, won his second, then drew his third. Overall he fought really well for his first time, and moved up from 9th Kyu (yellow belt) to 7th Kyu (top orange belt).

Ryan was up next, and was grading up from junior to senior. He was fighting players who were much heavier than him, but still managed to win two out of his three fights. This moved him from 15th Mon (junior top blue belt) to 2nd Kyu (senior bottom brown belt).

Amy was last to fight and was also fighting players who were mainly outside her weight group. She still won two of her three fights earning herself an additional 20 points towards her 1st dan (1st black belt).

We'd like to say well done to Helen from Kettering Premier Judo Club who won three fights, earning herself 27 points towards her 1st dan.


April 1st 2007 - Midland Area Judo Kyu And Dan Grading

Three Shudan players attended the Midland Area Grading at Walsall today - Amy, David and Keith.

Amy was first up to fight. Unfortunately, only one other 1st Kyu female had turned up, so Amy took 10 points off her, then stomped through two 1st Dans to gain 30 points overall.

David weighed in as the lightest player in his group by at least 10kgs. His first fight was against a cadet player, and was over quickly in favour of the other person. This didn't dishearten him though, as he managed to hold down the next, heavier player for a win.

Keith (Cheggers) had three fights. He won his first by wazari, and his second by ippon with a beautiful harai-goshi. His third fight was against a higher grade, and went almost the full distance before a sneaky drop kata-garuma put him out of the game. Keith moved up two grades from top orange belt to top green.

Well done to everyone who fought, you all did really well!!

See more pictures here


March 10th 2007 - Bedford Judo Club Kyu & Dan Grading

Both Damien and Billy attended the grading at Bedford Judo Club today. Both fought really well, doing the club proud. Damien lost his first fight, but won his next two earning himself a line up. During this, he one his first two fights, but unfortunately succumbed on the third, earning himself 40 points overall on the day. Billy managed to pull off a beautiful left handed hari-goshi, earning him his first 10 points on his way to his black belt.

See more pictures here


March 10th 2007 - Judo British Open

Amy attended the British Open Judo Competition in Kendal today. Despite fighting well, she lost both her fights, one to a 1st Dan and one to a 2nd Dan. Good effort Amy!


February 11th 2007 - Midland Area Judo Kyu And Dan Grading

Today, Damien, Billy, Amy, David and Iftekhar all attended the grading at Walsall. Everybody had a good day, winning at least one fight and moving up a grade. Damien won his first two fights, but due to injuries of the other players present, was unable to take a line up. He was, however, given the chance of another three fights, two of which he won, earning him 40 points overall. Amy won two fights and so gained a further 17 points. Billy converted up from 17th Mon to 1st Kyu; David moved from 4th Kyu to 2nd Kyu, and Iftekhar from 6th Kyu to 4th Kyu.

See more pictures here


December 14th 2006 - Shudan Judo Club Junior Awards.

The annual Shudan Judo Club Junior Awards were presented on Thursday 14th December 2006�

Best Beginner (Girl)-    Natalie

Best Beginner (Boy) -    Elliot

Spirit of Judo -             Jackie

Player of the Year -      Lee


December 10th 2006 - Walsall 4th Mon And Below Judo Competition.

A big �WELL DONE� to the following judo club members after their competition on 10th December 2006�all walked away with a BRONZE medal !!!

* Ellie

* Elliot           

* Jackie

* Harry B

* Callum

* Natalie

This was the first experience of competition fighting for some of those who attended � a really brave step, especially for some of our younger players! See more pictures here.


December 9th 2006 - Bedford Judo Club Mon Grading.

The Shudan Judo Club Juniors had some excellent achievements following the Bedford Mon Grading held on 9th December 2006:

* Rosie � Green

* Josh � Green

* Christian � Orange (3rd Stripe)

* Lee � Green (2nd Stripe)

* Kieran � no grade

All or you fought really well � Congratulations!


November 19th 2006 - Samurai Judo Club Rod Lane Girls Mini Mon and Senior Kyu Grade Competition.

Both Iftekhar and Amy attended the Rod Lane Girls Mini Mon and Senior Kyu Grade Competition at Samurai Judo Club in Kidderminster today. Amy won had a successful day, winning the gold medal in her weight group, and silver in the open weight. Iftekhar also did well, winning bronze in the under 81kgs for blue belt and below. Rosie also won bronze in her weight group.

See more pictures here.


November 12th 2006 - Midland Area Judo Grading

Luke, Chris, Damien and Amy all attended the Midland Area Grading at the Centre Of Judo Excellence in Walsall today. Luke and Damien each earned ten points, whilst Amy converted from 18th Mon to 1st Kyu after winning all her fights. See more pictures here.



October 7th & 14th 2006 - Shudan Dojo 'Autumn Clean'

Thank you to everyone who turned up on these two dates to help clean and tidy the dojo. New heaters were put into the main hall to help fight away the cold come winter, and both changing rooms were given a fresh lick of paint. Also, the gutters were cleared, the whole hall was swept, and the kitchen was given a long over-due clean! The front door and the girls changing room door had automatic closers installed, whilst the door to the gym was given a sturdy lock to keep it from opening and causing draughts.


September 10th 2006 - Heart Of England Judo Competition

A big well done to Billy, David, Iftekhar, Damian, Luke and Amy who all attended the Heart of England judo competition in Birmingham on 10th September. They were up against tough competition including best British and best Scottish champions. Damien deserves a special mention for winning one of his fights��.against a Third Dan!!! A good time was had by all with everyone fighting very well.


International Grapple and Strike And Kickboxing Championship 2006

Report by Steve added. Click here to read.


July 9th 2006 - Midland Area Judo Grading

Five players from Wellingborough Judo Club attended the Midland Area Grading at Walsall Centre Of Judo Excellence today, whilst Eddie and Liz kept the time on different mats.

After winning one fight and drawing another, Chris earned 10 points towards his dan grade, then went on to pass his dan grade theory.

Damien won two fights to move up to first kyu.

Iftekhar won one fight and graded up to senior, earning his 5th kyu.

John and Keith fought well, but were unsuccessful on this occasion.

More pictures here.


July 1st 2006 - Wellingborough Carnival

Shudan Judo Club took part in Wellingborough's annual carnival today to raise money for local charities. Ten juniors and eight adults took part in the parade which wound its way around Wellingborough town centre to end up in Croyland park, where a weekend of festivities had been organised by the council. All the juniors dressed in their judogi, with some of them going further and wearing fancy dress underneath; this included Batman, a cowgirl and jesters hats! Along the route, the marchers collected coins from spectators who lined the streets and handed out Shudan badges to help promote the club.

We'd like to say thank you to everyone who turned up today; it's estimated that we collected over a hundred pounds between us. See more of the pictures from today in the gallery.


May 13th & 14th 2006 - New Coaches

Luke and Andrew attended a Level Two Judo Coach preparation course this weekend. They aim to complete the criteria required to gain their coaching licences within a couple of months so they can begin to help out at the judo club.


May 13th & 14th 2006 - International Waendel Walk

A team of Judoka, both junior and adults, from Wellingborough Judo Club took part in the International Waendel Walk to raise money for the judo club. The players were sponsored to walk routes ranging from three to twenty six miles around the Northamptonshire country side. Our thanks go out to those involved who raised several hundred pounds between them.


April 23rd 2006 - Midland Area Judo Grading

Congratulations to Chris for attending the Midland Area Judo Grading today at Walsall. He gained thirty points towards his first dan.


April 22nd 2006 - The Samurai Midlands Inter-County Team Judo Competition

"The Samurai Midlands Inter-County Team Competition is a unique event, where the Counties of the Midland Area are invited to enter 5 man or woman teams to compete.  To win each match the teams must win more fights than their opponents.  Players only fight other players of the same weight. This year, Northamptonshire entered a massive squad of nearly 50 players, who collected nearly 40 medals in the various categories..." Report By Richard Hull KPJC


February 26th 2006 - The British National Martial Arts Association S Factor Championships

On Sunday the 26th of February a team of fighters and Instructors Kevin Reade and Jeff Gonsalves, went to the British National Martial Arts Association, National S Factor competition in Hornchurch Essex. Four Fighters from Shudan Kickboxing took part, bringing home Five medals: Two Gold, one silver and two bronze medals. See here for full report by Jeff Gonsalves.


February 11th 2006

Luke, Damien and Chris all attended the Midland Area Grading at Walsall today. Luke lost his first fight, but then won his next two, earning himself twenty points towards his first dan. Damien also lost his first fight then won his second and third, which moved him up form fourth kyu to second. Chris graded up from second to first kyu after winning two fights.


January 22nd 2006

Well done to Billy and Sam for attending the grading today at Vale Judo Club in Oakham. Billy drew two fights and came away with his bottom brown belt. Sam was unlucky and lost both his fights.


November 13th 2005

Both Keith and Chris attended the Midland Area Judo Grading today at Walsall. Chris was converting up from junior level and came away with his 2nd Kyu after winning one fight, drawing one, and losing another. Keith earned another twenty points towards his third dan after winning two fights and drawing a third.


October 16th 2005

Judo -Tony Larkins Competition, Amy, Iftekhar and Billy all came away with medals. See here for Report By Iftekhar.


September 30th - October 2nd 2005

2nd IMB Conference see here for review

September 17th 2005

Congratulations to Amy, Billy and Sam for grading today at Bedford Judo Club.


July 23rd 2005

Well done to everyone who attended the National Promotion Examination at High Wycombe Judo Centre today. Keith earned twenty more points towards his third dan after winning two of his three fights. Andrew got another ten towards his first dan from winning one fight, and John graded up to second kyu from fourth kyu after winning two of his three fights.


June 18th 2005

Well done to all the juniors who attended the grading today - almost everyone recieved a new grade. Watch this space for a full report!


June 11th 2005

Well done to Damien, David and John for grading today at Bedford Judo Club. It was a tough day for them, as they had to fight each other, starting with Damien and John, then David and John. They all managed to win a fight each and go up a grade, with David converting from 14th mon (middle blue belt, junior) to 3rd kyu (top blue belt senior); Damien from 4th kyu to 3rd kyu (bottom blue to top blue); and John from 5th kyu to 4th kyu (top green to bottom blue).

Thanks to Eddie, John and Iftekhar for spending Saturday afternoon cleaning the dojo.


June 5th 2005

The S Factor Nationals, Hornchurch Sports Centre, Essex. Report by Jeff

Five fighters from Shudan Kickboxing and instructor Jeff Gonsalves travelled from Wellingborough to Essex for the National Championships. Everyone fought well, and we came away with two gold medals and two bronze medals.

Steve Li won gold in the 15-17 year olds Kickboxing, he also won gold in the Semi-Contact.

Damien Waiting won the gold in the -85kg men's Open Combat.

Angelo Dominonou won bronze in the -65kg men's Open Combat.

It was the first competition for Lewis Jones and Darren Crips and they fought very well, but finished outside the medals.

Instructor Jeff Gonsalves said "All our fighters fought really well, and I'm very proud to be their instructor. The next competition is in October, the British Championships - we look forward to bringing home some more medals."


May 21st 2005

Congratulations to Keith for winning Bronze at the High Wycombe Masters Championships at High Wycombe Judo Centre.


May 15th 2005

15th May. 2005  Bushido Invitation, Walsall Campus,    Report By Iftekhar


         Amy:  top blue belt

         Billy:  bottom blue belt

         Iftekhar: top orange belt

         Damien: blue belt

         Chris: brown belt

As the competition started Amy was up first; She started off in the U55. She began to fight keeping control attacking with Harai-Goshi but as the opponent moved out of the way, Amy put her legs together allowing the opponent to get ippon. 


The second fight was Amy as she went in strong and carried on going in for the throws, weakening the opponent till Amy got an ippon. Taking her to take bronze if she wins the next match.


The third match was for the bronze between Amy and her opponent. As they began, the opponent was pulling Amy around but Amy countered most of the throws. When Amy attacked with Uchi Mata, she lost control and the opponent countered giving the opponent an ippon. (Congrats on working hard should have something but well-done Amy).


This was Billy�s first fight for today, as he went he went in for throws continuously till he made a few pulls on the opponent to tire him out and Billy took advantage scoring an ippon.


Then it was Billy�s second fight, as they both, opponent and Billy had stayed stiff Billy would wait till the opponent was vulnerable and got a shocking ippon leading him to silver if he won the next match.

This was for the silver medal, Billy was going in for a few throws but as he went in his shoulder from previous injury was hurting but he was being his stubborn self and allowed the opponent to take complete control giving the opponent an Ippon. (Congrats Billy even though you fought hard but you should have deserved something though well done mate)


Next was Iftekhar. As his group was all British cadets, his first fight ended quick. As he was fighting, Iftekhar used strength to move the opponent around but concluding that, Iftekhar lost balance and allowed the opponent to get an ippon.


The second fight for Iftekhar was another cadet, but the opponent was getting moved around by Iftekhar. As the kouchi and ouchi garis weren�t working the opponent countered scoring an ippon.

This lead Iftekhar to his last match to fight, as he went in control was in the opponent�s but as Iftekhar was moving the opponent around, he was not aware that the opponent allowed Iftekhar to move so he could throw Iftekhar the same direction he is going.


Then it was Chris as he pulled in for some throws the opponent would reverse Chris�s throws giving the opponent the ippon. (This took Chris to the bronze part)


Then it would be Chris�s next match with a less stronger opponent Chris would triumphant over the opponent through continuous strong throws to make the opponent unbalanced till the opponent fell letting Chris do ground work leading him to one more step closer to the bronze medal.


Then Chris would fight for the bronze medal, as he went in he would take possession of the control increasing the throws Chris emitted on the opponent until he scored an ippon. Winning him the bronze medal. (Hey well done on the bronze medal unlucky about the first match but it doesn�t matter)


May 14th 2005

Congratulations to Dave and Keith for passing their 2nd Dan theory, and also to Luke and Andrew for passing their 1st Dan theory today at Samurai Judo Club, Kidderminster.


March 2005

Congratulations to Eddie and Liz on their engagement, we wish them all the best for the future. Also for passing their tables officials course at 90 and 91 %.


January 30th 2005

Bushido Judo Kwai Ford, Shrewsbury, Shropshire    Report By Iftekhar


         Amy age: 14 top green belt

         Billy age: 14 bottom blue belt

         Iftekhar age: 15 top orange belt

         Sam age: 12 bottom green belt


First was Iftekhar, he was against a top orange belt, which Iftekhar lost by Wazari-Aweste Ippon. The referee didn�t see the Wazari as Iftekhar but to the opponent  


Second was Iftekhar looking for another attempt against a middle blue belt, they both were competing quite close and they both let their guard down and it became a Hikki Wake (draw).        

Iftekhar: still on 9th mon


Third was Sam; straight away the opponent threw Sam with a Harai Goshi, Sam was shocked because it was a fast throw.                               


Fourth was Sam, Sam had tried hard in this match but the opponent had the technique, so it ended up as a Hikki wake (draw) good effort.

Sam : still 10th mon


Fifth was Billy, his opponent went for a throw but ended up Billy dislocating his shoulder quite bad as it went out of place and went back in an angle. (Billy was out of this grading after the incident).                              

Billy : still 13th mon


Sixth was Amy, the opponent was a British cadet, Amy went for Ouchi Gari but failed the opponent went for her Harai Goshi, Amy tried to counter it, but ended up as a Hikki Wake (draw) a good effort.


Last match was Amy, she was up against a brown belt, as she knew she had to win she went for a long awaited Uchi Mata scoring Amy an Ippon (10 point score) great effort.

Amy : moved to 15th mon


Well done to everyone who attended.


January 17th 2005

Thanks to Dave, Keith and Paul for spending Friday and Monday tidying, cleaning and rearranging the mat area to give us extra mat space.


December 12th 2004

Congratulations to Amy, 15, for winning the bronze medal at the Walsall Junior Contest.


December 11th 2004

15 year old Chris graded from 17th to 18th mon at Bedford junior grading. Well done Chris!


November 2004

BNMA British Championships    Report By Jeff

A team off six fighters from Shudan Kickboxing, Wellingborough went to the British National Martial Arts Association (BNMA) British Championships, at Hornchurch Sports Centre, Essex.

We won Six medals, Two Gold, One Silver and Three Bronze.

Instructor Jeff Gonsalves won the British Heavy Weight Title in the Open Combat. Fourteen year old Billy won the silver medal in the under sixteen Open Combat, his Sixteen year old brother David got the Bronze medal in the Open Combat. Seventeen year old Damien won a bronze medal in the middle weight, men's Open Combat, and also a Bronze in Light Continuous Kickboxing. Twenty four year old Angelo Domianou just missed out on a medal in the Open Combat, losing on a split decision to the eventual winner of that section. Sixteen year old Steve Li won the 16/17 Light Continuous Kickboxing British title.

Everyone did very well, this was their first tournament and all of them are intermediate level and they were fighting a lot off higher grades and Black belts.

Seventeen year old Damien won a bronze medal in the middle weight, men's Open Combat, and also a Bronze in Light Continuous Kickboxing.




Coming Up


April 4th 2009 - Judo National Promotional Examination, High Wycombe.

April 19th 2009 - Judo Grading, Walsall